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    Safe Domain Name Searches

    I'm sure this has been discusses before, but...I've noticed that when I search domain name availability and don't buy right away, the name is often gone. Could be coincidence, but I've also heard of "frontloading" or "tasting."

    What is the best place to search for available names without risking them being snatched up by the registrar?

    I've been using GoDaddy to purchase, but have searched NetworkSolutuons and a few others.


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    No such thing I am sorry to say, best thing to do is use the registries, or if you use linux just use "jwhois".

    COM / NET / EDU / CC / TV and NAME :
    ORG :
    US / BIZ / TRAVEL / CN / TW :
    UK :

    Theres a few to get you going.
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    Or if you really want a web-based WHOIS site that's relatively safe, try I've been using it for years and haven't had any domain registered soon after searched...yet.

    And it's new owner has also stated they don't save searches and what-not.

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    Mostly, I use Dynadot to search new domain names and Dynadot never "steal" my search.

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    +1 for, I think it's great but the improved interface isn't as good as the nice simple old one.

    Well it's verisign themselves that sell these searches. So you won't get any protection at all, whatever you do.
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    I've been using for years and years and I've never felt that they ever stole one of my domain name searches.

    Plus, if you use the domain name status checker tool at you can check up to 50 names at once.

    But I have my concerns about searching for domains at,, and ESPECIALLY networksolutions.

    Nothing concrete - but I search for domain names a lot - and when I use those sites - the domain names seem to suddenly become unavailable rather frequently. Not making an accusation - but I'm just communicating my uneasy stomach about using those sites for domain searches.

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    domaintools never let me down. Use that.

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    Frankly speaking never face such issues with domain names. I always use for searching available domain names.

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    I suppose if you try domaintools you will never regret. Good service.

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    EUROdns is my choice when I search for available domain names .. eurodns is very fast too

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