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    * NiX Proxy Checker PRO

    NIX PROXY CHECKER PRO $140 is state-of-the-art proxy checker offering unbeatable features compare to any other.

    - Extremely fast, reliable results and thoroughly tested proxies
    - It is multi-threaded (up to 125 threads) ~29500+ proxy per hour!
    - All proxy types are supported: HTTP, SSL CONNECT, SOCKS 4, SOCKS 4/5 and SOCKS 5
    - Protocol Auto-detection
    - Built-in up to date proxy geographical location information: Country, Region (State) and City
    - Powerful proxy hunter mode (Built-in proxies subnet scan mode). Generate proxy lists based on your CIDR or IP / Subnet Mask and ports!)
    - It has filters based on IP mask, port, and RDNS

    Subnet scan mode offers identical solution to ISP admins who don't allow open proxies on their network.

    Produces both simple and detailed proxy lists:

    5x.1x6.1x6.1x2:8x80 RNDS: [JP] JAPAN State/Region: OSAKA City: OSAKA CONNECT: No AnonyLevel: 3 Delay: 7.74 seconds Checked ago: 1300413035

    Single server license: $140. This price includes one year updates, query access to proxies geographical location information database, and support via email. If requested, annual setup is free of charge.

    Live demo (registration required):

    Minimum requirements: Linux dedicated server or a VPS - 512MB RAM

    Learn More
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    NiX API - A powerful Anti-Proxy/Anti-Fraud and IP Reputation Lookup API

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