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    Can someone help me on this DNS issue ?

    Hello all,

    Although I am a coder I am totally useless at DNS stuff. This is the situation:

    1 - We bought a domain name and then
    2 - We bought a dedicated server.

    Right now the site is running from its IP but we would now like it to run the domain we bought. I know it`s changing DNS records, adding A records etc but I always get confused as to what goes where. Could anyone help me?

    Thanx in advance...

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    are you using any control panle in dedicated server?

    do you intend to host teh dns of teh domain in the dedicated server, then do the following
    register two nameservers like ip1 ip2
    here is your domain name ip1 and ip2 is the ip's in your server

    Once this done go to th control panel in your dedi server and create dns zone entries for the domain.

    If you are unsure about all these i would advice getting help of a admin or your host

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    Yes, the dedicated server has plesk on it and these are unmanaged serverS. I will look to do what you have said then if it doesnt work i may aswell google search or something, just so used to asking on here since people are extremely fast and helpful

    Thank you for your help..

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