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    R1Soft issue on Xen VM

    So I've just finished rolling out R1Soft CDP to our fleet however having trouble with a paravirtualized Xen VPS I have, running cPanel. This is a production server serving 500 websites.

    The agent is installed correctly and is authorized to connect to our centralized CDP server. When starting the backup seeding process, there is an issue and it fails. /var/log/messages on the agent server shows the following:

    Apr 2 13:21:32 cpanel05 buagent: Partition Backup request accepted. Starting backup.
    Apr 2 13:21:32 cpanel05 buagent: Invalid partition record signature (0 0). This drive does not appear to contain a valid partition record.
    Apr 2 13:21:32 cpanel05 buagent: Partition backup failed.
    Apr 2 13:21:32 cpanel05 buagent: write error while sending code: Broken pipe (32)
    Apr 2 13:21:32 cpanel05 buagent: tell child write failed
    I did a bit of consulting and everybody has been stumped. I did find this link ( and I did apply the change in agent_config and restarted the buagent agent. However, this did not solve it.

    The disks are performing fine, however running fdisk -l does report the following which I'm not highly concerned about, however I'm guessing may be related to this error.

    [email protected] [~]# fdisk -l

    Disk /dev/sda1: 128.8 GB, 128849018880 bytes
    255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 15665 cylindersc
    Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes

    Disk /dev/sda1 doesn't contain a valid partition table
    Can anybody care to advise or shed some light here?

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    Post here output of "cat /etc/fstab" and "cat /etc/mtab". It seem as O/S problem.
    Rustelekom LLC Dedicated server since 2002, RIPE NCC member, LIR, AS51168

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    Quote Originally Posted by rustelekom View Post
    Post here output of "cat /etc/fstab" and "cat /etc/mtab". It seem as O/S problem.
    Hi rustelekom. Thanks for the help but I just finally managed to get this resolved.

    For anybody that has this in future, I re-mounted the disk and, then I uninstalled the agent and then re-installed. I let the customer kernel installer run itself however after that ran

    yum install kernel-xen-devel
    and then

    I then remembered to modify 'DiskAsPartition' in /etc/buagent/agent_config from no to yes and restarted the agent.

    I re-created the host in the CDP server, and it is now running the initial seed backup.


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