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    Is there a vps that goes with what I want(High ram, low diskspace, low ping(SEA)


    I'm looking for a vps with the follow
    Just about,
    10-15gb of disk space will do actually.

    Decent traffic, I seldom uses more than 100gb/month though.

    1gm ram at least, 2gb ram would be prefered

    Windows OS with remote desktop access.
    (Windows 2003 32bit would be even better)

    Location: Singapore hoping to have it less than 100 ping

    Is there a host with an offer like that?

    Budget, less than 50$USD, may strain it to 70$USD though

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    When will their Singapore servers be up for rent? Its definitely going to be much more expensive though.. ._.

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    Although generally no specific high RAM, low disk space VPS' are advertised on providers web pages, its not unlikely to request a custom quote and it be lower then there offered 2GB VPS package. But with a budget between 50-70$ you wouldn't have an issue finding a VPS with 2GB RAM even with normal resource allocations.

    Ping to Singapore however? Well thats another story. There are quite a few west coast providers I'd imagine who get good connectivity to Singapore. You would have to request some IPs to ping. - Experience the Difference, Ride With Us
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    Check in offer section high performance providers. Don't stick with budget ones.
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