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Thread: VPS transfering

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    VPS transfering

    I am going to start a personal project in the following days so I would like to ask you one more thing.

    I currently have some VPS which i need to transfer. I am going to use a dedicated server for creating my VPSs so I want to know if there is an easy way to transfer all of the VPSs. For example cpanel has such an option.

    Is it possible to do it? And what about opened ports and other simillar configurations?

    Thanks in advance

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    I think vps not transfer to dedicated servers but dedicated server creat a vps.

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    vps transfer

    You want to transfer the whole VPS machines? if so, which kind of virtualization system are you going to use?

    In Vmware there is a great tool called Converter.

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    It depends.

    Some VPS control panels have a backup function which lets you download the whole filesystem - you can Import that then, but DONT forget to change the IP config!

    Or you use the Cpanel (or similar) Backup system, which works - but only for the Websites etc, not the whole server.

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    I have veportal VPS which I want to transfer in mine dedicated server VPS

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    I think we're talking about different types of the meaning of "VPS"... i'm sorry i didnt understand you before.

    So you have a control panel Veportal on a VPS machine you'd like to transfer to your own dedicated server? Are you planning to use the same panel on your server?
    Usually all panels have a full backup feature and/or a full migration guide/howto on their support.

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    Let me explain the situation.
    I have 5 VPS (veportal)
    I will rent a dedicated server with veportal as CP

    So i want to "split" the dedicated into 5 VPS and transfer the VPS to the new machine.

    NOTE**I dont manage the node that my VPSs are currently on

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