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    Where do you store your backups

    Just wondering where are you guys storing your server backups.

    We have our weekly copies on our main servers, but we are looking for a space where to transfer daily backups.

    We are in a search of a reasonable priced storage server provider. Mostly we are just looking for a servers or backup space of 500GB - 1000GB where we could rsync our backups via SSH connection.
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    I use a cheap pentum3 dedicated server in my basement. Also i would highly recommend as soft-where to run. I do have a relatively good connection though 5mbs up 25mbs down. Works well because most isp give you a lot of downstream bandwidth. I only have 5 servers I am backing up though. Also using the bacula webmin module makes it stupid easy. Its also very secure cert and ASE security.

    also make sure you a rsyning from you backup server aka: pulling from non backup servers. So if a security breach happens you don't lose the backups.
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    I use a drive on my workstation for backups. However, I only make additional copies of "important" backups.

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