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    high power RAM host?

    Hello everyone. I was just wondering, when you run a website like (Going down now, I know, sad) or some high database requesting website, what kind of servers are use?
    I know that servers feature 4gb RAM and stuff, but is that enough of a server to run

    Reason I ask is because I hope to create something similar to website, but how does one have enough memory for it? Between the website and requesting all that mysql(assuming mysql is used here) requesting . I don't think you can just buy more 16gb ram servers and stick them together can you? What keeps them all constantly synced?

    Also, is it enough to have the server be located in one place? Is there some hosting that does spread out hosting where it's not just static content but also mysql data and php pages?

    I'm still relatively new to the web hosting so I hope you will all bear with me.

    Thank you =)

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    Servers can always be upgraded but if you're serious about your service and intend on things taking off you'll have to consider down time at a single point of failure (one server with 16gb for example).

    If you fully intend on being successful you should invest properly in an expandable solution where you can add more viable resources in a scaleable environment. I think you'll find a more predictable expense prediction this route. - Gameing discussion, arcade, all around good fun

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    My guess is ran off of many servers, not just one. Whether they took the Google approach and used a ton of low end servers or went high end would probably be quite difficult to find out.

    You can definitely have a solution where you just buy more computers and stick them together. That would be a cloud infrastructure, or a cluster.
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    Thank you for your replies.

    keliix06, about the google approach, are there companies that does this? I don't want to invest too heavily in it, but yes, I want to look at an expandable, scalable solution should my application be able to really take off.

    I google'd cloud infrastructure and server clusters, and of course I got these tutorials explaining it, but no pricing from companies or anything.

    Hope to hear your replies! Thanks.

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    You can contact hostdime. I am sure that they will provide you with a custom quote for cluster servers.
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    For pricing you're going to need to find providers and contact them. It's the type of service you're very unlikey to find any published pricing for, since it'll end up being at least a semi-customized setup.
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    anything like this that would require a lot of ram, i would consider making and running my own server.

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    I've never heard of this service, but with the .fm TLD I'm assuming it's some sort of music site?

    If so, you should consider an offshore hosting provider. The US music industry has a lot of "friends" in Washington DC, and even if you're hosting legal music, who's to say that ICE won't take your servers away one day.

    It sounds far-fetched, but a simple search for "domain ICE" on reveals some really scary stuff for anyone doing anything with music online.

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    Oh.... I do not want to risk any possible legal trouble. I definitely do not want to do host any music.
    I don't know why website ended with .fm, but it's a... educational website that has alot of interactions between the user and server. This would mean storing lots of data about the user, showing the scores, overall progress, etc.

    My question is this: What kind of server or web host does this kind of fast and huge loads of database requests/interaction? I'm not going to host any big 1-2 gb files, instead, I'm focusing on interactions, and storing user info. Can a 8 or 16gb RAM server really handle a huge load?

    If not, what kind of scalable solution can I use?

    And so far, from what I've read, there's no web host that gives pricing on this. I'd have to request a quote.


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    Consider putting the database(s) on separate SSD drive. For example, you can use SATA drives for all other server data/functions but we have had good success on busy DB sites by moving the DB functions onto their own solid state drive (SSD).

    You might also wish to clarify huge load - as in expected monthly bandwith? We have another client using socialengine .net to power a popular site on an 8GB RAM server. If you can give some guesses as to monthly GB traffic, I can perhaps give you some insights on performance.
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