This is a one time shot guys.

The deals will require a one year contract.

Valid for deals over 10 servers.

Bring me the deal you want and if its at all possible we will do it for you.

This is only for 56xx and i7 9xx type servers and dual single core xeons and opterons.

If you want to move or upgrade - this is a one time shot to move some servers in April.

If I am not losing money on the deal I will do it. I am not looking for one or two at a time for short runs. You must have a real email address - don't email me from free accounts - i will not talk to you on this kind of deal. This is for serious inquiries. You also have to be able to wait for up to 3 weeks for the delivery of the servers - I will be ordering most of this new stock - except the single core boxes which I have plenty of.

Email [email protected] about this - all deals require my personal approval since it will all be one off. I will only be doing deals like this for a week or 2 and when we hit the volume I want - its back to regular sales.