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    Exclamation Millions of sites hit with mass-injection cyberattack

    The attack was discovered on March 29 by security firm WebSense, and the injected domain was called -- thus, the name of the mass-injection is "LizaMoon." According to WebSense, LizaMoon uses SQL Injection to add malicious script to compromised sites. While the first injected domain was lizamoon, additional URLs have since been injected in the attack (WebSense has a full list ).

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    Based on the thread title:
    I was expecting a last minute April fools joke.

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    . "All in all, a Google search reveals over 3,800,000 URLs that have a link with the same URL structure as the initial attack."

    This is the form of the injection:

    <script src=hxxp://XXXXXXXX. com / ur . php >
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    You can check your server for this string doing.

    find / | xargs grep -i 'lizamoon'

    Or whichever string in place of lizamoon. This will be fairly slow but should suffice.
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