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    I would like to add Drop-Down Menu & Fade, Nivo, 3D Slider to my template


    I have a very simple one-page xhtml template and I would like the following to be added:

    Drop-Down Menu (I would like to keep the "blue underline" that appears when you mouse over the text)
    1 page with Fade Slider
    1 page with Nivo Slider
    1 page with 3D Slider

    I would like to have the same exact one-page template but with the different versions of the slider.

    The design is already coded. My budget is not very high since its a side project. Please post or PM me your offers.
    Thank You

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    We can do your work.I cannot PM you here.

    Email the details to penguinwebsoft[at]gmail[dot]com

    Penguin Websoft

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