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    Passing POST values ro Error 500 Handler?

    I've got a PERL script that handles all my Error 500 Internal Errors by e-mailing me all the HTTP Environment variables.

    What I also want to include is all the POST/GET variable values when the error occurred. But because it is a redirect the values are all empty. My script looks like this:


    use CGI qw(:all);


    foreach $key (sort keys(%ENV)) {
    print SENDMAIL "$key = $ENV{$key}\n";


    foreach my $p (param()) {
    print SENDMAIL "$p=".param($p)."\n";

    I'm thinking this might be more of an Apache config (.htaccess) issue than a PERL issue but just throwing it out there. My .htaccess says:

    ErrorDocument 500 /cgi-bin/error500.cgi

    I'm wondering if the only solution is to use some sort of syntax to append all the variable values onto the end?

    Or, maybe it is just not possible?

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    I have no issue doing the above. When I do a GET and pass some variables, I can see the them in the REDIRECT_QUERY_STRING environment variable.

    Try printing out the content in your error500.cgi

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