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    FC Cluster Storage Problems HP MSA1000 (and other HP hardware)

    Let me first say that I'm in complete new territory here. I don't have any experience in Fiber channel or "cluster storage" or anything else on this level.

    I've recently setup setup a HP MSA1000 storage enclosure ("sovereign") and installed a MSA 5 channel FC switch. I currently have 2 servers ("Media" & "Hydra") attached to the MSA1000 by FC cables and I plan on connecting my workstation to it as well once I get the FC cable.

    The 2 servers both have Server 2003 installed and are completely operational, and my workstation has XP.

    My goal is to have the MSA1000 as a "shared" storage location for files so these files are usable on the other 2 servers as well. Right now, both servers can see and use the MSA1000. However, files placed by server Media cannot be seen by Hydra and files placed by Hydra cannot be seen by Media. The only files that are seen between both servers are files that were put on the disks before migrating to Fibre Channel.

    Also another issue I have is when I restart either server while the other server is running, it wants to run chkdsk on the logical drives on the MSA1000 and I let it do it once, and files placed by the other machine ended up as .chk files. IS there a way (I'm sure there is) where it can be setup where files placed by any machine can see the files and where a server that starts up does not want to chkdsk all the logical drives on the MSA1000?

    I've run the MSA1000 Setup software as well as installing the HP Multipath software (required to let the machines see the logical drives).

    My Workstation "Jerrys"
    Custom PC,
    Q8200, 4GB RAM
    Qlogic QLA2340 PCI-X FC Card
    WinXP Pro

    HP DL360 G2 (roms and drivers up to date)
    Dual 1.4GHz, 4GB RAM
    Qlogic FCA2214 PCI-X FC Card
    Server 2003 Std

    HP DL580 G2 (roms and drivers up to date)
    Quad 3GHz, 16GB RAM (8GB usable, mirrored RAM)
    Qlogic QLA2340 PCI-X FC Card
    Server 2003 Std

    HP MSA1000 EK1506 Enclosure
    HP MSA Fabric Switch 6
    1) 400GB Logical Drive
    1) 72GB Logcial Drive

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    Well, I've figured it out.

    So, it appears I need a clustered file system to prevent the data corruption I'm seeing. But it seems additional information on various clustered file systems is limited to those of fortune500 companies.

    So, until I have tens of thousands of dollars, or move my workstation & servers to all linux, what I'm wanting to do cannot be done.

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    FC Cluster Storage Problems HP MSA1000 and other HP hardware

    Is this something anyone else, apart from me, needs to know about?
    If not, private messaging may have been a better way to tell me about it.

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