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    New hoster - better network?

    I am thinking about moving host providers. I am wanting to spend anything from $0 to $150 USD.

    I am looking for preferrably unlimited bandwidth, Windows hosting, good tech support and fast network speed.

    I can manage the server myself and want to use my licences for software installation.

    Any suggestion? Which providers are good? Currently I am with a good provider but the connection is slow. So if I am downloading a large file, it downloads at 300KBPS max (understand about different circumstances etc...) and RDP result in a lag too (bareable but not ideal at times)

    Any suggestions welcome.

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    Do you require a specific location for your server?
    And what about your server hardware configuration?

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    location? im not fussed as long as its good and the support is top notch.

    as for the spec:

    4GB RAM min
    2x 500GB HDD
    Intel CPU (ideally quad core i series)

    Oh - and I require 2 IP addresses.

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    Many providers can match your requirements.
    Take a look at singlehop and gigenet, those are excellent providers.
    You may have to contact them for custom quote.

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    Thanks but they are pricey for my budget

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    Try to contact them for custom quote, you may be able to get better deals.

    Also try to contact savvas from, he should be able to sort something out with you.

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    You could also use this link to get free quotes from some providers that could help you out, or checkout the offers section here.

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    Are you looking at a solution in the United States of overseas? Even though you said location doesn't really matter. (preferabiliy)

    Another company that might interest you is 100TB. They occasionally have some specials, you may want to PM Tom.

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    Thanks. I did try 100TB but they are pricey for me currently. are good but the guy on the phone today sounded like he would do anything to get a deal which worries me to be honest. I have a client who uses them and the technical issues that were handled were pretty bad and took them over days to resolve even though they were simple - and then they decided to remove the account/server completely for no reason and said "oh, it was a mistake" - not good.

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    p.s - cant use the "find a host" link on WHT because of "internal server error 500"

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    Quote Originally Posted by firehawk1010 View Post
    p.s - cant use the "find a host" link on WHT because of "internal server error 500"
    working just fine for me

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    The top of your budget seems reasonable if you're using your own Windows licenses and if you only need two IP addresses. What about IPv6? :-)
    Seattle, WA - Gigabit Carrier & Network Services Provider
    Uptime | Atlas Networks

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    IPv6 doesnt bother me to be honest right now. i just want to focus on the main essentials...

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