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    Exclamation Default Debian partitioning. Bad?

    Hello, i have server in and installed debian with default partitioning (everything in one partition).

    So my question is: how bad (for performance) is my current disk partitioning? Or maybe it's not so bad?

    Before i have server in OVH and used partitioning like that:


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    It's fairly insecure. It's awlays recommended to have /tmp separate.. can't hurt to have /var and /usr also
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    Yes i know that, bus i'm interesting from performance side.

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    Even with /tmp mounted noexec it is still possible to get around that with some stuff, it will add 'some' security.

    In regards to performance in the end a single disk is a single disk, if you are looking to add I/O performance to MySQL for example you would add another disk or multiple in a raid for /var/lib/mysql/. If you are using the same disk for multiple mount points performance is not going to change unless you use different file-systems such as ZFS/XFS etc while root stays ext3.

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    I'm looking to increase I/O performance for high traffic site.

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