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    Hiring a developer online..


    Is there any kind of "middle man" service available? I'm going to hire a developer off of oDesk, and I'm wondering if there is some kind of middle man I can pay in advance for the work I want completed, but they hold the money until the work is actually completed. If the work is not completed as my original terms then they refund the money to me, or hold it for like 1 week over until the receiving party does the work, after the week they just release the money back to me.

    Anyone know of a service like this?

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    What you're looking for is called escrow, and most freelancing websites provide escrow services as part of their offerings. I'm a bit surprised that oDesk doesn't, actually.

    You could always use a third-party service like, but I can't vouch for any of them, as I've never used them.

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    Have you tried vWorker?
    They have the escrow system.
    I use it and I'm pleased with it.

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    yes, there is serivices. I know which is very old and authentic. Here, you can hire anyone and arrange milestone payment once the work will be done you can release the funds to your employee.

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    try elance

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    Try to sign up on elance, freelancer and freelance (Project Based Websites). I'm just wandering why you want a "middle-man" service? Why don't you hire a real va?

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    Elance escrow is free for the buyer of products/services, use that. Only release 10% upfront, hold the rest in escrow until completion. Have a very detailed and realistic spec set out. "funds released when job is completed" won't work. You'll have to detail every single aspect of the coding work. If you haven't done this or don't want too then you need to hire someone to build a detailed spec for you.

    Asking for a "login page" will not get you a "forgot password" functionality on these sites/services such as elance. Most everyone on there will do the bare minimum to get paid, you have to be very detailed in your project spec, and if you do so you can achieve great results by outsourcing.
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    There is lots of websites which offer services as a middle man but I prefer to Elance and Freelance. These two sites are reliable and have numerous freelancer developer are registered here.

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    Yes elance and scriptlance are quite good. Good luck and best wishes.
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