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    what you think about my server setup


    For a new project (International Social network site) I'm building at the moment the server infrastructure.

    The core servers (Web, Database, Comet server for chat, Queue/Mail server, SSL Server, Memcached server) need to stay in Zurich (Switzerland) to have a fast response to users from US/CA and other European countries I plan to put the static stuff (CSS, JS, IMG, Flash -> all together around 20 MB) to a CDN, my problem will be the user media (primary photos) they will be stored in Zurich on 2 DAS with 40 TB Storage together, now I plan to rent dedicated Servers in NL and 2 locations in US with around 2 TB Diskspace, much Ram to where i will mirror the most requested photos, and serve it from the user nearest location. On this server I plan to have varnish with nginx, and to let varnish put the really most requested objects also to the ram -> means if the US user request a popular photo he can access it fast.

    Now, on end a customer from US request the site content (dynamic HTML) still form Zurich which is around 30KB per page, but he will get static objects from a CDN and popular photos from a nearer located server - will this be OK to make the user happy? Or is this not enough to make the user experience very well?

    Next problem is our chat tool, we developed a high performance comet server (it handle per Server above 10'000 msg/sec) who the user use over Ajax based gui, how we can optimize the network latency to our oversea user but leave the server in Zurich?

    Any advice is welcome.

    The start setup in Zurich contains 10 Server for this website, which we operate self in our Colocation.

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    That sounds like quite an impressive setup!

    Regarding the photos, why not put those (or at least the most requested ones) on the CDN too or are you thinking the cost will be too great?

    I think as long as the database server is optimized properly along with your queries, the performance should still be good considering all of the static content will be coming from the nearest location to the user.
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