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    VPS for file hosting


    I am the owner of quite a big Counter-Strike: Source community in America and host about 10 servers.

    As some of you might know source dedicated server (SRCDS) comes with an option to allow downloadable content to come from an external source (sv_fastdownloadurl).

    I'm having quite a bit of a problem trying to find a place to host this content. I've worked out it has the potential to use as much as 80GB a day or roughly 2.5TB a month. While it most likely wont even reach this much I'd like to allow for it just in case.

    There is also the problem that if the download location goes down none of the users can download the maps and join the server so an uptime of 99.99% at least would be preferable.

    It won't require much CPU or RAM as it will just be serving files. A 100Mbps port preferably.

    I had a look at some CDN's but SRCDS requires a link like http.// I'm not sure how well a CDN would work in this case.

    It probably isn't a good idea hosting something like this on a sharedhost so I guess a VPS is the only option. It doesn't matter if it's Linux or Windows. I'm willing to spend about $80 a month for this. I'm not looking for a budget VPS host as I really do need high uptime.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on a host or solution?


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    Just a thought - maybe get two VPSes in different locations and different networks and play DNS round robin - with the idea that even if one fails, the other will still work and serve the files. I have no idea how is the CS client pointed to the files though or whether it would work in this situation. But maybe it is worth trying or atleast researching.

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    Your budget seems reasonable.
    But since you don't required much resources except bandwidth, why don't just go for low end dedicated server which is <$80 a month? :: Cloud Hosting Reliable Xen VPS :: Serving Customer From More Than 40 Countries.
    Hosting Services Available in the USA ● Germany ● Malaysia ● Singapore and Hong Kong

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    I don't know if this is compatible but have you looked at maybe using something like mediafire or amazon S3?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatMatt View Post
    SRCDS requires a link like http.// I'm not sure how well a CDN would work in this case.
    The same way as using a VPS or dedicated server.
    You will only find out how good a provider is when the going gets tough

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    CDN works fine for downloadurl.

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