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    What is content farm?

    Does content farm is the spamming terms as it is keyword farm or something else please give some information about it
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    Not spam but links are not favored by search engines.
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    Yes search engine never crawl this keywords containing website. As i think they don't like this.
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    A content farm is usually an auto-blog type of site. These sites use content from multiple sources but are filled with other peoples content, usually just scraped content. The relevancy of the site does not matter once a site has been flagged per-say as a content farm.
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    You ll have seen link farms on which only other people's link be placed.Like that content farm,only scraped and copied content is placed there.It never likes by SE.
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    Most of the search engines never like content farm. If you use it on your website or blog your website can suffer in rank.
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    Content farm presents the companies that hires the many number of writers who create the huge amount of content data. It is made for the maximum auto generated search engine retrieval. They produce the advertising returns by attracting reader page views.
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    Article submission websites often have high PageRank and their articles can easily get good rank, so many webmasters take advantage of this, they create duplicated contents with their links added in then submit them to those articles submission websites. As time goes by, they created thousands of crap contents and those articles have good ranks. This is illegal for Search Engines, Search Engines like high quality original contents.
    Maybe you've heard the news Google slaped those article submission websites during Google Panda updating, well, the main reason is content farm.
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    Not all agrees on could you repeat that? A content till is exactly, but the ordinary denominator is a locate to the top with low quality articles ostensibly designed to capture search traffic on a fastidious fit of keywords, at that time monetize them with advertising or principal generation. Some of these sites are “scraper sites” with the intention of be inflicted with thumbs down first content, but simply imitation and paste articles in print elsewhere (often lacking attribution) and plaster their pages with Google AdSense ads. Personally, I would call these “splogs” very than content farms.
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    Check the following wikipedia page to see more in detail about content farms:
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