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    Missing 40GB on my VPS?

    I have a VPS through CityNet Host. Its 50 GB drive.. and I only have Cpanel DNSOnly.

    Today I got a warning for drive space. I check df -h, and it says below. So... whats using the other 40 GB? How can I find out? Does df -h using some new math formula? I did a reboot thinking maybe something was running that may have been deleted (as I know deleted files that are still running don't show up on df -h, but will still consume space).

    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/simfs 50G 2.6G 7.7G 25% /
    none 512M 4.0K 512M 1% /dev

    Is this something that the host has to resolve? or should I be able to?

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    Contact your host with the details, it seems their node is getting full

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    This is a sign of overselling resources. In your case disk space is being oversold. It is pretty critical because it seems there is only few GBs of disk space left on entire node :x

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    Thanks for the info,
    I've submitted a ticket.. guess we'll see what they say..

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