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    * Jazzy Templates - as low as $75 Custom Designs Available Hourly Turn-Around

    Hey WHT! I am a veteran web designer, all around "IT guru" offering my services exclusively to WHT for a limited time. I truthfully value my clients and their business, which is why I make an effort to connect with each of my clients to create a pleasant and fun experience while working with me. I provide consistent updates with a smooth transaction.

    Templates: the designs below are custom PSD's that have not be published live on the internet. I am selling them with 100% rights with minor customizations upon purchase (logo and navigation) along with the font files.

    Custom Design: I consider all elements of my clients' business, goals, requirements, and cognitive/visual aspects of each website. Again, I make the process as stream-lined as possible, providing my clients with frequent updates and rapid turn-around times (generally within a matter of hours). My rates vary based on the extensivity of your requirements. Please PM me for a quote. *Include as much information as possible about your requirements, purpose of your website, and business so I can provide you with an accurate summary of what I am able to do for you. Include links to any relevant websites you find appealing with rationale*

    Previous client feedback:


    Design #1:
    Home page-

    Sub/plan page-

    Price- $80

    Design #2:
    Home page-

    Sub/plan page-

    Price- $80

    Design #3:
    Home page-

    Sub/plan page-

    Price- $75


    Please send me a PM with all inquires!

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    Are you able to create Joomla templates? If so send me a PM with pricing

    (I'd PM you but it doesn't let me!!)

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