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    CSF, allow whole country

    Is there a way in CSF to allow it to whitelist whole country?
    Meaning that it wouldn't block any ip's, even in case of false logins, if the visitor is from certain country.

    Note that I still want all countries to have access, but only allow one country with no csf blocks.
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    Get the IP range from Here and add the range to the file /etc/csf/csf.allow and restart csf.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GwebHosting View Post
    Is there a way in CSF to allow it to whitelist whole country?
    This is not advisable, as this will cause your firewall to allow each and every connection from that country, bypassing all rules whatsoever

    # Warning: CC_ALLOW allows access through all ports in the firewall. For this
    # reason CC_ALLOW probably has very limited use
    This applies to manually allowing ip addresses as well. They can do whatever they like.
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    I agree with linux-tech this can mess up things

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    Check for this:

    # Each option is a comma separated list of CC's, e.g. "US,GB,DE"
    CC_DENY =
    CC_ALLOW =

    add the country code

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