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    Japanese registrars

    I'm working with a company at the moment who in the past have registered 2 Japanese domain names, and .jp

    Now I can do a WHOIS on these domains but it doesn't tell me who the registar was. If I could find the registrar then I'd be able to access the CP (if Google Translate does its magic or speak to a Japanese member of the company) and control where the domain goes.

    Can anyone advise on where I can find this information?


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    Q13 How can I find out who my registrar is?
    A13 Please contact JPRS ([email protected]) with your registered domain name. Please note that we provide for the identity of the JP Registrar associated with particular JP domain name (s) to the registrant only.
    I hope this helps.

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    Thank you - that's very useful

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spirit View Post
    Thanks to share this website here. It is also helpful for me.

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