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    backup service ?


    about backup service,like bqbackup,

    do you think there still have market ?


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    Sure. There are a lot more companies doing it since we started, many of which started out as our resellers, but there's still room for good backup services.
    Scott Burns, President
    BQ Internet Corporation
    Remote Rsync and FTP backup solutions
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    It sounds very interesting if I would need it I would definatly try one

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    Sure there is a market for backups and depending on which market you target it can be pretty lucrative.
    For my own needs I use a combination of active/passive servers + offsite Rdiff backup (Hi Scott!)

    For my customers (for their laptops / desktops) I'm looking to resell a decent backup solution.
    The added value will be in the fact that I can personally set their backups up and help them with questions.
    Many small tech companies should pick up backup solutions for their customers, it just makes sense.

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    I personally do not use back up services. I have servers in multiple off site DC's that I use for back ups. I just don't trust companies that may cut down on hardware to save money. A back up machine in my opinion needs to be the same as a production machine (RAC card, Hardware raid 1 etc.)

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    I have servers located in both the US and in the UK and i use a second hard drive as a backup solution in the same server. I also backup to an offsite location for extra piece of mind. This can work out quite costly so i charge a small fee for the site/files to be reinstated.

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    Check out

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