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    reasonable cost hosting company which does not block google ip


    I had been hosting my site with
    Last month it blocked google ip for a month. Since i did not login to google webmastertools i did not find that google ip has been blocked. i saw network unreachable for more than a month and all the files got our of google index. and the site rank went down drastically.

    I requested them to unblock the ip and they did. But google will have its ip keep changing each month approximately. that is what i heard.

    So this month again the server blocked the ips and again i got network unreachable for all my links in the site which has been indexed by google.

    Now before google removes from its index which will take a month i want to change my hosting to another which will not block google ip's.

    i directly chatted with bluehost and they said they will not block google ip.

    besides i want to know a little list of hosting companies who will be reasonable of what they are doing.

    like not blocking the ip address of google or reverse dns to find whether the ip is from google.

    i requsted my hosting company to do reverse dns but they said they will not.

    so i had to change my hosting company i had to maintain my ranking and adsense revenue.

    so please suggest me names of reasonable average cost hosting companies.

    There were just 12,000 hits per month max to my site and i had set the crawl rate to automatic so that google will decide how to crawl. do i have to decrease the crawl rate of google to my site so by doing this i dont have to change the hosting company???

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    1. If you update your site on every hour or on every 4 - 6 hours then increase google crowler speed otherwise set as default.

    2. Maybe google block your hosting provider's IP?
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    Thats sounds like a strange situation cant say I have ever heard of a web hosting company blocking the IP ranges of google? Are you sure that is what is really happening?

    Second do you have a monthly budget for the new web hosting account you are looking to set-up?

    PS. I definitely wouldn't recommend blue host, i hear complaints about there slow connectivity and capped upload/download speeds all of the time. As a general rule, I recommend stay away from companies claiming to offer unlimited diskspace/bandwidth. Although its not always the case, its usually a red flag for sub-par services.
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