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    Hosting on windows server


    Can someone point me to a good resource that shows how I can host websites on my windows server 2003 ?

    I purchased a windows dedicated server, with 5 IP addresses. How do I setup the DNS etc... so I can host websites on them?

    Can I just install WAMP and use that? I probably can, but just not sure about pointing the DNS servers, etc..

    Tried googling but didnt find much...

    Thanks in advance.
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    I suppose you can try to find you answer on the Good luck.

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    This could be a start, but do take into consideration all issues related to security and such.
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    Better install websitepanel or hostingcontroller panel if you do not know much. This will save lot of time.

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    For Windows I would also recommend for Websitepanel.
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    definitely WebSitePanel, it's free, clean, easy ("relative") implementation and most important it's supported by Microsoft and MS web platform.

    Plesk is good alternative but aint cheep.

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