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    Managing Dedicated/Colocated Machines

    Our company offers Dedicated/Colocated machines and we are having a really difficult time managing and keeping track of them.

    We use two datacenters in Chicago, one we have a Rack with a bunch of owned machines, and another Chicago datacenter we rent machines from as well as colocate with. Then we have datacenters in 12 other locations.

    I am looking for some type of panel that will allow us to keep track of all of this better.

    Right now we have Zabbix setup, but I absolutely hate the UI for it, and I assume there has to be something better out there.

    We mainly use Google Docs spreadsheets to keep track of the machines, but is there any sort of Panel available we can use?

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    There's an app called RackMonkey that I believe is intended just for that purpose.
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    I would take a look at RackTables.
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    Both of these look pretty good. I prefer the UI on RackMonkey from the screenshots, but thanks for both of the links.

    I saw another thread about the same type of thing, and most people suggested just using WHMCS. Is there some sort of addon for WHMCS that provides this type of thing?

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