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    Cool Akliz--Add speed and months of uptime to your site or app, First 20 days free

    Add speed and months of uptime to your site or app with an Akliz virtual server

    With a combination of Internap bandwidth, careful infrastructure design, and continuous monitoring, Akliz hosting is built from the ground up to keep your applications running quickly and flawlessly.

    Improve your latency and uptime

    Our network can improve your ping times on average by 30 milliseconds when compared with the suboptimal routes of other networks. It can also improve your guaranteed uptime by a hundred-fold—reducing the typical allowable downtime of 43 minutes per month to just a few minutes. We accomplish these through our partnership with Internap. With Performance IP, a patented network optimizer pools together six network providers and continuously analyzes them to give you the highest performing and most reliable ones.

    Run your most demanding applications

    1. Xen virtualization technology gives you predictable performance. Each virtual server has four virtual processors to realize the true potential of multithreaded server software like Apache.
    2. Load pages and perform database transactions at the speed of memory. Your data is stored on multiple hard drives powered by a hardware disk controller with 512 MB of battery-backed memory. The drives are in a RAID 10 configuration for maximum speed and safety.
    3. Error correcting code memory keeps your server stable by correcting single bit and detecting double bit memory errors.
    4. Work on your server at the comfort of your office or home. Access your server 24/7 through our private network and remote KVM and power. These technologies also let us come to your aid quickly.
    5. Our Boston, MA location has excellent routes to the rest of the states and Europe.
    First 20 days free

    We are confident that you will see excellent performance and uptime with an Akliz server. As such, we would like to invite you to use one, as well as our migration service, for free. With our migration service, you can spend more time using your server than configuring it.

    Order now at: After the free period, plans start from only $17.99 per month.
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    Akliz, Inc. | 617-475-3266

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