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    Would this domain name violate laws?

    Hello. I am planning to buy a domain for long term, but i want to make sure i will not face any problems with the domain name. I know that some brands have the right to take your domain if you use their brand name in your url, or something like that.

    the domain name im planning to buy is in this form:

    namesurname is the name and surname of a famous dead person. like or

    the site will be non-profit, just information about the person with some videos through youtube and pictures.

    im i likely to get some warnings or be sued for including these people's names in my url?

    thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deanmartin View Post
    the site will be non-profit, just information about the person with some videos through youtube and pictures.
    Various decisions support that, despite the domain bearing someone's trademark. While it's not completely 100% bulletproof, adding a disclaimer can help also.

    Just be aware, though, that there are some who are aggressive enough to go after anyone's domain bearing their trademark, if any. You might get a C&D, an administrative dispute, or even a lawsuit, depending on how far they're willing to go. might not get anything at all. Good luck.

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    If you don't come across some mad fan or big aggressive company's you'll be fine

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    These kind of domain name are good and you can register them. Just make sure there is no trade mark violation there.

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    thanks for your responses. i will try to stay below radar .

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    If you are not violating any trade mark then its fine to register any available domain as per your choice. But if you are trying to register on the name of any famous company and website' contents are same on both the websites then may harm you.

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    if it's non-profit and no adult crap than it's ok .. if you try to sell his works without the rights than you will be in trouble (don't buy theabba dot com and sell albums in mp3 format !)

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