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    Cpanel, email, and disk space issue


    We are running cpanel and offer our clients 500 MB per account. This included email. The problem is, peoples email accounts are getting full and filling up their disk space. Is there any solution to this using cpanel?
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    Limit the amount of space per e-mail account perhaps? Or increasing the total account quota...other than that the only other solution I can think of is making the e-mail quota not count towards actual account quota, but I'm not sure if that's possible with cPanel or not.
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    If I limit the email accounts too much then they will get full quite quickly. Is there a way to make it so that by default mail is not stored on the server?
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    The email space is set by default to 250 mbs. If your only allowing them 500 mbs of space i would either limit the email accounts they can have with that or not offer the email with that service. If the server is configured right once the email account is full it should be storing messages in the queue until there is space available for the emails. Might want to check your server config for the max allowed per hour of emails. Best setting for it would be around 50 to 100. That will limit amount of emails that are being received per account per hour. Other then doing that only option you have is to increase the space that the accounts have to maybe 2 gigs.

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    Ok thanks,

    Increasing the account to 2 gigs would be the easiest option, but eventually they will also get full. What do you do to handle disk space issues? It seems that the disk space of old clients is bound to fill up, and space is money.
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    If you limit email accounts per account you shouldnt run into any issues. If your allowing them to have as many email accounts as they want that is your issue. Either that or someone is sending alot of spam emails to your server, in which case you need to filter the emails with spamassasin or another filter on the server.

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    There is an option in cpanel to limit the quota usage of email accounts. I think the default one while creating email account is 250. Try changing that to lower size

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    If your clients are using their space up, whether it be email or images the space is being used up. So the solution is to contact your clients and advise them that they are running out of space. They could use pop mail and retrieve their mail instead of leaving it on the server, or you can let them know they need to upgrade their account with you because their space is used up.

    I don't know if cpanel has an option to disable imap, but that might be something you could pursue.. just something I don't recommend.

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    If storage of older mail is something that you do not want to allow, and your mail is stored in the file system, you could setup a cron job to automatically purge mail that is older than say 100 days. You had best alert your customers prior to implementing this sort of thing as some users use the IMAP funtion and store all mail online rather than downloading it.

    Any POP3 user usually downloads mail and it's removed off the system, so it's really just your IMAP users that you have to worry about.
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    You could ask users to periodically delete mails which are more than a specified size (like 10 MB) to save space.

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