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    Which Dedicated Server provider offer 1Gbps and unmeter?


    Which hosting provider offer 1Gbps port with unmeter?
    Is that really can push to 1Gbps traffic per sec ?

    Any review please?

    Thank you

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    You can try (if you are looking to colo) or (if you are looking to rent a dedicated).

    - Aria

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    Depending on both sides of the network equipment and packet size and TCP/IP overhead you may have a hard time going over 80-95% of the port size.

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    Pretty much any provider could meet your requirement however you have not specified what you're looking for; price, hardware, location etc.

    Assuming you just want the lowest price, consider wizz solutions.

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    lots of providers offer dedicated / unmetered gigabit ports. What is your budget? A low budget will narrow down your choices to a handful of providers.
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