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    LOGO design question

    I was wondering if there are any rules for using pictures as part of my Logo design. I'm trying to make a logo and it was going to put on a picture of Las Vegas strip. I'm just not sure if you are aloud to use pictures of cities on your website. This website is a services website but I'm using the picture to generate revenue it I just want it to be part of my logo because it will fit the domain name.

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    If you take the picture yourself then there will not be problem, if you use someones else's image then maybe, by the way avoid any images from companies like 'getty' they are renowned for being a little grumpy when there images are taken without permission..

    As long as you have permission from the image owner or you have acquired the relevant licences from any stock images then I suppose not.
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    Some things to think about with a logo:

    Can it be printed well? (CMYK colors vary from RGB)
    Is it scalable? (recognizable small or large)
    Will it be recognizable in 10 years? (in your case, likely)

    Good luck!

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    I personally wouldnt want a logo that had a background of a city. maybe u could pull it off better then me, but i think images in logos are tacky and shows lack of uniqueness.

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    Like Driver01 said, if you get permission from the companies that are visible in the image (if you were to take it yourself) then you should be fine. Try to get written permission, just to be on the safe side, and remember to take the picture yourself.

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    If you use an image taken by you then there can no legal issues. But in case you uses image from another website it can be a legal issue. Try to use original image in your logo.

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    I think it is a bad idea to use a photograph in a logo. Ideally it should be in vector format.
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    Quote Originally Posted by artiste View Post
    I personally wouldnt want a logo that had a background of a city. maybe u could pull it off better then me, but i think images in logos are tacky and shows lack of uniqueness.
    Id agree, a logo should simply be your business / website name, with an optional slogan and a transparent background, though an icon accompanied with the logo will be fine too (such as windows icon being next to microsoft).

    Your choice though, just play it wise, or check out some stock photo sites and buy an image.

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    Well if no copyright material is used in the picture then i guess it's ok.
    Also be sure to take the picture yourself and not make the logo to heavy for the eye.

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    There are no rules or laws to say you can/cannot use photography in logo design.

    I think you'll find in most cases across designers that it would be frowned upon.

    I would personally recommend acquiring written consent before using imagery to brand an identity. Most things nowaday should and are be copyrighted.

    Good luck with the design!

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    I believe that you would get yourself in a complicated situation once you would want that logo to be printed on envelopes and on other paperwork.

    I would suggest you get a vector drawn logo.
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    Yes I agree. The best option here is to have the image outlined and filled in with some random colour so you get a city look without ppl actually knowing where the city is. That way you avoid any legal complications plus you still have a really good looking logo.

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    I would also say it is a bad idea to use an actual picture in your logo. If you want the vegas strip in there take some characteristics of the strip and have a graphic designer incorporate that into your logo as a solid color or 2-3 colors.

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    You can use picture,but it is difficult to use actual size picture..

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    Try editing other's images , do some changes in colour , fonts etc

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    I would agree to not have a photo in your logo. You can look at taking some of distinguishing shapes/features from the city's landscape and recreate it as a 1 or 2-color line art to maximize it's use for print and web.

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