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Thread: Buying sites

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    Buying sites


    I am looking to buy sites with original content, blog, any kind of sites

    PM if you have offers.

    Jon Black

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    56 for 600$

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    Working onlline Since 2007, the site can gain more earnings but sadly I'm busy to take care about it, I didn't update the design since I start it.. with a license of BlogSystem 1.5 from which cost alone 140$
    Free blogs hosting service, Have more than 270000 google links and linked in more than 100 site, pagerank 2 and a lot of blogs in the site have a high pagerank... more than 8000 weblogs and more than 250000 note wrote by members...
    Multi-language support and the site is worldwide known and our members from the whole world countries...
    about 2300 unique visitors, 19000 pageviews monthly, more than 8000 member, about 290000 link in google and the site linked in more than 100 site

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    Check PM. Thanks,

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    This is your chance to own, an established high-quality football (soccer) news portal website.

    I am selling this highly profitable soccer site - average monthly turnover from Adsense is 600 USD.

    The site is four years old and it has a PageRank of 5.

    Purchase includes domain, script and content.

    This site very low maintenance .

    contact me: contact [AT]
    or reply. thanks

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    Will install a MovieTrailer type site, TVShows type site, or Star Wars merchandise Store site with your domain for $60 or I will provide anyone of these type sites, fully functional with Domain name for $80. Examples of these sites are at,, and or will provide script only for any one of these sites for $40.
    If you would like all three sites fully installed using a domain I provide; I can do this for $160.

    You can earn revenue from each type site through Advertising sells, Adsense and or Amazon.
    Every purchase comes with all you will ever need to know SEO tutorial for gaining more traffic for your site.

    Fast Turnaround!!

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    Established sites for sale


    Here are some sites for you, let me know if you're interested in any of them. Don't expect much traffic or revenue, haven't had time to work with them much. - PR2, Price: EUR 300 - PR3, original content (some have been published on one other site as well, on, includes CMS (created by myself), Price: EUR 300
    redeemyoursins - PR2, Price: EUR 300 - PR3, original content, CMS, Price: EUR 300 - PR3, Price: EUR 350 - PR2, Price: EUR 150 - PR3, Price: EUR 200 - PR3, original content, CMS, Price: EUR 300 - PR3, original content, CMS, Price: EUR 300 - PR2, CMS, Price: EUR 300


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