We are planning to add soon additional 20 Gb/s to our Gold network (have Level3 currently on that network).

On our Platinum network (Level3 or better - optimized by FCP 10 Gx - optimization graphs could be provided per your request), raised floor, optional A/B power and A/B network - just for $750 per month (our competitors are selling the same for $1,500

Included - 42U, 20/110, 3,240GB (each way). Setup fee is waived.

We also offer 1U, 2U and up colo services.

up to 15 minutes during business hours support is free.

Access us via phone, email, ticketing system and chat.

We can provide up to 1 Gb/s and more for each cabinet or server (and everything in between).

Managed services are available as an option (starting from $500 per month - up to 4U and 6,480GB each way).

24 hours monitoring (including live monitoring from our overseas NOC).

If you'll get redundant connections from our independent networks within our data centers we guarantee 100 network uptime.

Give us a call at 1-800-59TULIX or send an email at [email protected]