During last week we've made progress in several areas:

On our Professional platform we were able to get absolutely perfect HD streaming - with just 2.5 Mb/s bit rate.
Also, with a real life experience we've done observation of the high demand services with number 1 Gb/s ports maxed out for the streaming services. We've done evaluation of the all critical components of our streaming platforms and ready to roll out 8 Gb/s systems (before our max was 4 Gb/s systems).

Regarding our services - please don't forget - our competitors are offering 40 GB of video traffic for $99 per month.
Our prices starts from $35 and you can get more than 1,000GB of the highest quality, True Streaming (no just a progressive download) packages.

Professional Platforms, which are perfect for small churches, resellers (who can put multiple channels on the same system) and very small TV and medium size radio stations starts from $350 per month. For additional $150 per month you can double the number of viewers and add streaming to all devices.

We can develop for you mobile streaming apps on Android, iPhone/iPad and Blackberry. Prices are up to 10 times cheaper that our competitors are asking for.

We also offer HTTP Live streaming, the true one, based on the Apple platform, but not simulated by other third party products (the original, from Apple is compliant with Apple certification).

We also are offering an online DVR which allow you to scroll back up to one month real time to watch any segments of the video that you've missed.

We are working on our next generation DVR which will allow you to schedule online recordings that you'll be able to see once you'll login to your account later on.

We are offering a native password protection for Flash Live (!!!) stream just for $.50 per viewer per month.

We can help you with HTML5 integration, mobile device recognition and with the design of your next generation video web site.

We have also stats packages for the video streaming.

H264, VC1, HTTP Live streaming - we do it all!

As you can see if you need anything related to Live and Prerecorded Video (and Audio) streaming - we can help you out.

Resellers (very popular) are welcome!

Please give us a call at 1-800-59TULIX or send an email to [email protected]