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    Choosing a right Hosting

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum and is trying to find a hosting that fits my site. I currently have a designer and programmer to help me designed a e-commerce site. I would like to know which hosting company would best fit me. I don't really know much about hosting but I don't really know or trust the "top best hosting" much because most of them I search online said that they are advertise by affiliate. Here is a bit of the info about my site:

    My majority of customers will be coming from the United States.
    I will probably have around 3000 products, but pics are not really big each. I think around 40-50kb
    Cannot have downtime too much
    Fast connection needed for my customer

    I'm not sure what other factors would be important in choosing a host. Please feel free to let me know. Thanks in advance. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    How many visitors are you getting? Per day and simultaneously.

    You could probably save a lot of money by going for a higher-end VPS instead of a dedicated server. There are a lot of VPS providers in the USA which should be able to cater to your needs. Have a look in the offers section and if you find something interesting, do some research on the company (search for reviews here et cetera).

    You can probably get the hosting you need under $50 a month with a reputable VPS host.

    If this is a start-up business, you might be better off on a shared hosting environment until your site actually demands VPS or dedicated server. Same applies there: find interesting companies and research them thoroughly.

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    It depends on how much traffic you will be getting, but to start off you would probably be fine on a simple shared hosting plan. My personal recommendations would be Arvixe or HostGator.
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    Thanks for both of your comments. I currently have around 400-500 customer per day for my current site. I'm planning to expand this with my new website and forecast to have about 2000 customers a day. Would this be a huge difference in choosing the site or plan. Is there any critical points I should know about choosing a hosting too. Thanks

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    You may start from the inexpensive dedicated servers which are provided by They are reliable enough to have a deal with.
    Just my point of view.

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    At first it would be economical to start off with a BAsic Shared Hosting Plan and then you can upgrade whenever you want to a bigger or better plan or still better a VPS or a dedi.

    Try for a host who has servers in the US since reputation in regard with network and power Uptime is good there.

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    Hi Charlton,

    Here are some points to consider when selecting a host:

    1. Choose a company which is using the most updated and reliable technology and tools.

    2. There are a lot of inexpensive packages available, with cheap hosting comes cheap service. So make sure that spending a few more dollars wont affect the buisness mush but a downtime does.

    3. Look for a host which have some good technical staff as downtime is the most frustrating thing when it comes to websites.

    I think as this is the begining so you should go for shared for now as switching to a VPS or Dedicated wont be a big deal.


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