Because of the horrific events that occurred or are occurring in Japan, my organization and I decided to do a video game fundraiser to help with the relief effort in Japan.

This will take place on April 1st at 8 PM EST on and will last the whole weekend and continue the next weekend on April 8th at 8 PM EST on the same website.

If you are wondering how the hell playing video games has anything to do with charity, you are not alone.

We, being teenagers, are fairly good at pulling all-nighters playing video games. We take it to the extreme (3-4 days straight), but for a good cause. We stream all of our marathons live on our website for the world to watch and donate. The viewers like them very much because they can converse with lots of other video game nerds and cool people alike, like us .

This specific marathon is a compilation of Japanese games (like Katamari Damacy) benefiting the relief effort in Japan. We have chose the charity AmeriCares. They (AmeriCares) are probably the best the charity providing help in Japan. This is because 100% of all donations go straight to where it's needed in Japan. While most charities give 88-93%, AmeriCares doesn't keep a penny of your money.

The only thing stopping this from being a successful event is getting the word out to people. Being the teenagers we are, getting the word out to people is difficult. This is where you wonderful people here at WebHostingTalk could help us and Japan. If you have a website or a blog and you are willing to do so, please feel free to post about this marathon. Also, social media (twitter, facebook, digg, reddit, etc) is a very effective way of getting the word out.

This should be a great event with some cool games, fun people, and a great charity. If you can donate, than great, but it is not required to watch the marathon. Thank you, in advance, for your incredible generosity.