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    Exclamation Need MS SQL Hosting; Migrate from


    I have cancelled my hosting and need a new host.

    Here are my requirements, as I know them :

    * MS SQL 2005
    * ASP [Not sure which version. Website was setup around 2006, so whatever was around at that time ]
    * At, I was using the 300mb option.

    ** I have my e-mail hosted elsewhere, so it is a non-issue.
    ** I do not need a large amount of disk space or bandwidth.

    I have repeatedly contacted with absolutely no reply. This has put a very bad taste in my mouth for them.

    I welcome other recommendations. Any company on the planet has to be cheaper than

    Please ask any questions and I will try to answer.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Discountasp is a big ASP host and their price is higher than others so i'm surprised that you did not get prompt response from them.
    You shouldn't have any problem when migrating website if you have source code and database backup.
    Most providers offer windows hosting plan with MSSQL database included.
    Just need to check database version (2005/2008 Standard or Express). Hyper-V SSD VPS USA London Singapore
    Reseller Hosting Cpanel PURE SSD CloudLinux Softaculous
    Windows Reseller Asp.NET 4.5 MSSQL 2012 SmarterMail Enterprise

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    You're telling me.

    In years past, contacting hosts, I have gotten responses within hours.

    I have nothing and it has been a few days now.

    I sent an e-mail directly, then used their online form. Nothing on both fronts.

    I guess they don't need the business ?

    Also, I have my entire site back-up and I had to pay through the nose for the SQL database back-up. I hate so much.

    My SQL DB is about 12.5mb. It seems intact.

    Can you suggest a second, top tier, host ?

    I really need to get this up and running ASAP.

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    ***Attention*** crow-eating to commence !!!

    While shut down my site, I forgot to update my nameservers with my main registrar.

    This means my main company e-mail was down for about 24 hours... the e-mail I used to contact

    I sent a copy/paste of the e-mail and they replied within an hour or so just now...

    I was the one completely at fault. Keep this posted as a testament to humanity, my sincere apologies !

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    It's strange that you have not received any answer from DiscountASP. Check your email if the replays not in your junk/spam folder.

    Regards - Windows Web hosting information and resources.

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    Hi In-need,

    No harm done.

    When we saw your thread we starting research what might have been going on, because we do reply to all sales and support tickets fairly quickly. Our average response time is under 1.5 hours, and usually much faster during business hours.
    Doug - DiscountASP.NET: ASP.NET & TFS Hosting
    - Voted "Best ASP.NET Host" by DevProConnections, Visual Studio Magazine, CodeProject, & asp.netPro Magazine
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