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    Thumbs down - Caution of this Company

    I bought on March 27 a VPS with WHM + Centovacast.

    He has supplied the VPS with WHM and nothing Centovacast.

    I asked for the cancellation and return of money paid.

    I replied to cancel the client area but that do not return the money.

    The VPS is empty and the load of 8.50

    Failed to respond to tickets that sending

    Open dispute on paypal, now I'll wait.

    Be careful with this type of business.

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    I just saw another complaint about the customer service and the speeds/load of the server. Maybe they are going down hill. Maybe you can wait it out, but have back ups and be ready to move if it starts to fail.
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    really they have very bad vps services .
    also the support is bad ...

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    Have my vps down for 2 days without any respond from hostrail..
    You may have further issue happend now on their facebook..

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