Dream Servers is offering great discounts on our online & off site storage orders till the end of April 2011.

Online Storage

Our online data storage packages start from 25GB and can be upgraded to 10TB's on demand. Our standard supported protocols are FTP, SFTP, SCP, iSCSI, HTTPS, CIFS and NFS. If required we can deliver connectivity across a standard internet line using IPSec or SSL VPN.

Included Features

All of our packages includes the following specifications

Access to your data anywhere
Upgrade your storage on demand
Monthly contracts
24/7 support
FTP, SFTP, SCP, iSCSI, HTTPS, CIFS and NFS Supported Protocols
IPSec and SSL VPN encryption
File sharing
Folder/Directory upload
Full support for Windows, Mac and Linux
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited remote access
Hosted on secure SAN servers

Limited time only 1,000GB (1TB)
Setup: Free
Monthly: 200

Off Site Storage

Each of our off site data storage solutions are individually designed to meet each client or business requirements. Over 70% of corporate data is either e-mail, documents, accounts, invoices or databases. The impact of losing crucial data can be irreversible. Off site data storage gives complete assurance that corporate data is always secure and backed up.

Dream Servers can provide the following off site data storage solutions

Server backups
File-to-file replication
Data mirroring
Hyper-V server backups
VMware backups
Oracle database backups
Sage backups
Lotus domino/notes backups
MySQL database backups
Exchange and mailbox backups
SQL database backups
Server image backups
Site-to-site / Data centre-to-Data centre file replication
Tape backups
Hard drive backups
Carried over IPSec/SSL VPN or dedicated circuits

Our storage solutions are completely bespoke to each customer. We can supply and install hardware within your premises and provide a dedicated circuit or VPN to carry the data to our secure SAN servers. All backup infrastructure is monitored 24/7 and supported by Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Our off site storage prices start from 80.00 per month!

The Benefits of Off Site Data Storage With Dream Servers
Automated data mirroring & file replication
Complete data recovery in the event of data loss or disaster
Lowering your current costs on storage solutions by 35%
24/7 access to your data and server backups
Completely secure data storage
Hard drives & tapes can be delivered to customer premises within 2 hours (Dependant on SLA)

If you require any more information, please either email [email protected] with your requirements or post a reply to this topic. For more details please visit http://www.dreamservers.uk.com