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    * Apache or lightspeed :/

    Hello, I was just wondering what people prefer when they are looking for web-hosting?

    Lightspeed or Apache?

    - Ashton
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    It really depends on what you are planning to host. If it is low traffic website apache will be enough, but if you get quite a lot unique visitors on your site it is better to use lightspeed. It will decrease cpu and memory usage.

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    Prefer nginX personally, but out of the two probably apache.
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    Over half those that are hosted don't know or even care. As long as their website is online and loads quick, it doesn't matter.

    Most of my clients do have brick and morter business that are some type of specified service provided. They have a website to help boost sales and that's it. They don't even know how it works.

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    Personally, I prefer using Apache for everyday jobs. But, that's 15+ years worth of experience lending to a nice, comfortable bias of familiarity

    I do use litespeed/lighttpd when I have a setup with a ton of php/etc calls, however.
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    You use the best web server for the job. You're appealing to the masses you need Apache compatibility. So your choices are Apache or Litespeed nothing else will work. So it's a matter of evaluating if it's worth the cost of Litespeed or can you do what you want with Apache with various optimizations and tweaks and everything.

    If you're running web servers where it's for a single website. You don't need to worry about the apache compatibility. You can run nginx and make your own rewrites for nginx.

    So really it's about the web server for the job at hand.
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    I've read on multiple blogs / websites that on a large scale, Apache + Varnish makes much more sense financially compared to LiteSpeed.

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    Financial wise: Apache
    Speedwise: Litespeed

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    If you can make it work, use Nginx or Lighty, if not, stick to Apache and try to add caching solutions to speed it up.

    Tomorrow I'll be posting my blog post with some tests done with on different web server using the same CMS.

    Not a scientific article, but still a good comparison of web server stability

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    I will say is that Litespeed is very marketable. Even for a visitor that doesn't know what Litespeed is their logo and the name itself works quite well
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    Apache is better...Optimize it and see it's working much faster

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    I would recommend Apache as well (well optimized + varnish\xcache, etc).

    Depends on your needs

    Good luck!

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    Thankyou for all your opinions, We just want to see which one people prefer.
    I can assume that light-speed is the best if your prepared to pay for it.

    - Ashton
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    Apache with tweaking/optimisations is our preference over a limited license closed source Lightspeed.
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    Apache/Nginx works pretty well for me
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    Simple and effective without much skills use litespeed. Works out of the box! Even for very high traffic sites.

    Or use the nginx and varnish solutions out there for more advanced options and less social life time

    Personally i use litespeed, varnish and nginx. Different needs
    Busy, busy, busy

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