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    Thumbs up HostBill 2.6.0 - Complete Client Management + Billing+Support App for Online Business

    I'm happy to announce that version 2.6.0 of HostBill has just been released.

    What to expect from HostBill 2.6.0:

    - New Dedicated Servers Order Page - Customizable, professional order page for dedicated servers offering - you can compete with big companies now - see it in action!

    - New Simple slider Order Page - Clean and simple order page for easy order process. see screenshots!

    - Plugin: CC Charger - Got call from client with credit card to charge? Doing it with HostBill is now few mouse-clicks!

    ...and as usual: Much more!

    Get new version quick tour at:

    Read full release info:

    Try our online demo:

    Order HostBill: (free trial available)
    HostBill Billing, Support, Client Management Software for WebHosts -
    twitter: @hostbillappcom

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    Any chance you could make a standalone version of your dedicated server manager?

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    Its good information for needy people. This type of software and tool make people's work easy and systematic.

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    You have to hire their Costum Developments
    Start from $65 /Hours

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