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    optimizing wordpress .... ?

    I am running an wordpress blog - with self hosted pictures (on the blog) getting good traffic.

    Getting 2k - 7k hits a day on a 512mb ram - 2 gb burst.
    Using DA + SolusVM + OpenVZ + CentOs + Apache

    now my host is complaining I am hitting their high load marks - which I wasn't able to cross verify using solusvm.

    Still, I would like to optimize my vps and wordpress blog and some suggestions & any plugin suggestions would be highly appreciated

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    Install the wp-super-cache plugin
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    When you say hits, do you mean visits or actual hits?

    I prefer w3 total cache as it does everything super cache can do and then some.

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    Try this it might will help your situation

    also try to optimize Apache or switch to Nginx, Lighttpd, or use Nginx as reverse proxy with apache if you need rewrite mod etc...

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    I would suggest using W3 total cache.
    Install memcached, adjust settings and start the daemon.
    Add memcached php module, restart apache (if using apache)

    Within W3 enable DB cache via memcached

    Install varnish and set it up to pass comment|wp-login|wp-admin && WP cookies to apache, pass POST's etc and cache everything else.
    Install wordpress varnish purge plugin.

    That is a quick overview of how to get a very responsive WP site... do a lot of testing with varnish if you are not used to it before setting it up on port 80.

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    I use WP-Super-Cache, so I could recommend that.

    You could also add a PHP Accelerator; I use XCache, but there are others you can choose from as well.

    Beyond that, there's Nginx + PHP-FPM. That's what I've been running and it seems to work well.

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    +1 for @3 super cache, and use a CDN service like MAXCDN.
    This total set up will make your blog load faster and less load on servers. Professional Web Hosting Services
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    Putting Varnish infront of your wordpress might do wonders..
    Free and Fast. Might need some tuning of the config.
    Busy, busy, busy

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