Hi every one,
I have 2 new idea in web hosting and server,
I have founded a new web language 'wbhp'
And storing web data without any database on your server.

wbhp is made by me,
You have to install my open source software in your Lenux server.

wbhp syntax:
Supported file formats in wbhp : file.wbhp , file.wbml , file.sxp , file.xp , file.pml

Page config:
@html: //tag for html codes
@jquery: //tag for jquery plugins
@xsp: //tag for wbhp plugins
@xpdb[username,password,dbname,hostname,port]: //tag for connect with database
@php : //tag for inserting php scripts in wbhp.

One example to connect to the database:

*function db_connect(){
[email protected][*db_connect()*] :
wb.select[table_name].q(where whatever=whatever //query here); //select data from database

I m only MIT engineer, i m created this web language, i have not enough budget to publish this, i m belong to middle class family,
So who want to be co founder of this? UK peoples most welcome,
I have tested this on my server and its 100% working, do wana guys see demo page?