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    Social Start-Up Seeks Technical Co-Founder

    A non technical founder is seeking a web developer to build already laid out social networking concept.

    In a day of age where Facebook is the standard, often times people don't realize how inaccurate their online identity is. Because of this, we are forced to create profiles on many social networking sites, because one offers something the other refuses to. While on a technology stand point, this is acceptable, many social users want a hub in which they can manage the majority of their online identity. In the case of major sites such as Facebook and Myspace, they have used social networking as a stepping stone to a greater vision. However, I feel it is time for someone to go back to the basics, get identity more accurate, and create a network that throughout its existence is purely social.

    Our vision is simple. We want to create a network that promotes healthy and appropriate social interactions. These interactions can be those between users and their closest friends, but also interactions between the user and someone new they just connected with on the site. We then strive to put people in situations where they want to connect with their interests and meet new people, to then take those interactions out into other social networks, as well as the offline world. In general, we want to make better the way people socialize online, in order for those practices to be taken into the offline world.

    In order to be qualified for this position, you must meet the following criteria :

    - You must have an interest in social networking, as well as building systems. Part of the job is to have casual discussions with the non technical founder, in order to insure the best product is made and kept on track with the already existing vision.

    - You must be able to understand programming languages associated with major social networking sites, how to code them, and which works best in long term development.

    - You must be able to work in a steady, yet fum atmosphere. As a start-up, there aren't as many constants, but work needs to get done. You must be a self starter that is willing to dive into the project and meet deadlines, seeing as this is not a "Work hours" type job. Because this is a purely social project, we want interactions between team members to be fun and casual as well. If you are strictly formal, this might not be right for you.

    All individuals that are interested will be asked to sign a disclosure agreement before the full concept is revealed. Pay is negotiated, but we are mostly looking for someone that is more willing to accept a percentage in the company once incorporated. That percentage would be determined based on the developer's experience, portfolio, and work ethic.

    Ideally, think Facebook co-founder here (as in the dedication and enthusiastic for the project aspect, not money). This is a long term social project.

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    Thanks for the response.

    An e mail has been sent.

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    PHP/Identity Experience

    I have been coding PHP for over 10 years. I am also a consultant that has worked with various identity solutions and know how to speak in business terms.

    I would be interested in this position.

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