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    Lightbulb Calling all OpenVPN Gurus

    Hi all,

    I wish to implement an OpenVPN server integrated into WHMCS billing system.

    These are the current requirements of the module.

    -Automated creation of accounts.
    -Automated suspension of accounts. After a set amount of days.


    Create a web panel which allows me to control the username and passwords of the users that can connect to the VPN.

    So it has to have the function,

    -To create an account.
    -To suspend an account.
    -To delete an account.

    Contact Info: [email protected]

    Of course, you will be paid. Please contact me as soon as possible, we need this panel set up soon.

    Many thanks!

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    We can do this for you. Please send in an email to support [at] servermascot [dot] com

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