Hey Guys,

I have a dedicated server with SevenL.

On the 17th of March, my bandwidth usage page stopped updating. So, on the 23rd of March I logged a support ticket (as the last usuage update was still on the 17th).

I chose priority low (<48 hours) because I didn't need to resolved ASAP.

However, I'm still waiting for a reply, and the ticket completion is 0%

I haven't even had a reply to state that they are working on the problem or at least looking into it.

I did leave a sarcastic reply on the ticket on the 28th of march (5 days after my <48 hour ticket was submitted), implying that the ticket system must be broken too.. Now im actually starting to think it is.

In all seriousness though, does anyone know if anything is wrong with SevenL, as it seems a bit strange.

Screenshot of ticket: http://www.digitallyhosted.com/images/ticket.png
Screenshot of BW reports: http://www.digitallyhosted.com/images/reports.png

Trying to avoid ringing because I'm in the UK but I will have to if I don't get a reply I guess.