Singapore based servers

Test IP:

Dell 430
P4 HT 2.8GHz or 3.0GHz
Hardware Raid 320G
1 IP address
600G(300G in + 300G out) Bandwidth
Setup fees Waived, SGD 99 / mth

Asus or Supermiro 1U rack
Quad core Xeon 3220 + 600G(300G in + 300G out) Bandwidth
500GB x 2
2 GB DDR2 677 Ram (Free upgrade to 8G)
5 IP addresses
Port speed 10M
Setup fees Waived, SGD 299 / mth
200SGD starting from 13th month.

Operating Systems:

Windows 2008 Standard

Control Panel Options
DirectAdmin FOC
Cpanel/Plesk Unlimited Domains SGD 60 / mth

Hard-disk Options
500G Onetime fee SGD 200

IP Options
Each IP: 5 SGD / mth

Payment Options
Pay-pal or Credit Card
Setup time: 1-2 days.

All SG servers are located at Qala Datacenter, International Business Park, Singapore.
No spam, no adult material, no irc, no funny things.
To order or enquiry, please contact: [email protected]