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    Cheap reliable hardware?

    Can anyone recommend any cheap, reliable retired hardware to run simple LAMP servers that isn't very power hungry? I'm looking for reliable, *legacy* (read, cheap), 1u devices drawing 1-2amps, with at least 2 HD slots (raid 1 is a must) that will won't suck power. Obviously these devices don't need major processing power as they won't be doing any major database processing--just basic hosting.

    Before someone tries to force-feed me the dedicated server spiel, I already have some dedis, so I'm not co-tarded, but in this case it may actually be cheaper to colo an older device (power permitting, which is why I'm asking) then rent dedi's for basic serving.

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    The cheaper the server, chances are the more power it will use. If power is your #1 concern, you can get an Atom server for under $300 at The atoms are pretty slow though. What I usually get when I need something older is one of the IBM 3xx series - 1u, 2x dual core opteron, 2x 15k scsi, and 4gb ram. they go for $100-200 on ebay.
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    I used to get good deals on brand new Celeron 440 1u rack server from Colomachine for around $300-$345. Now, they are selling for $400ish. You might want to take a look if they are offering any deals on their website.


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    +1 for the atom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phil29 View Post
    so I'm not co-tarded
    Ha! Thanks for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phil29 View Post
    ... 1u devices drawing 1-2amps, with at least 2 HD slots (raid 1 is a must) that will won't suck power.
    For a non-beefy server, I'd say that's very power hungry. I would consider an Atom server. You can get or build a very cheap server that uses 0.25A.
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    Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback. I'll check out the atom server scene.

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