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    Business address for start up UK Hosting company

    My hosting website is currently registered under my home address. I would like some advice if it is possible to have a mailbox of some sort with the address of a UK Datacenter so I can register my business address with them and forward any letters to my home address.

    Or any alternative solutions.

    Please advise

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    Royal Mail is probably the most practical solution in the short-term
    Commercial mail box services can be relatively expensive, but in most cases you are paying for the street name, location and/or postcode

    Personally, I wouldn't be too bothered about disclosing your business address so long as your legal status is correct
    A customer can then compare the contact address on the website against the WHOIS, which will show as a Sole Trader at the same address

    In 12 years I do get the ocassional bit of junk post, but it makes it much easier for people paying by cheque

    I review this every year, but see no benefit, in fact it is an additional unneccesary cost

    What I do have personally is Royal Mail collect
    Rather than wait for the postman, I collect all my post between 07:00 and 09:00 when it suits me
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    You could get a mail forwarding service.

    Or like m8internet said above, you could get a Royal Mail PO Box and collect the post when you like.

    Both these services cost a considerable amount considering you could just use your home address for free.
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    Not sure if you have an accountant - if so then they often allow for mail to be sent to their address.
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    Thanks for your replies & advice, the costs are not worth it at the moment. No accountant either so I think I'm sticking to the home address for now.


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    I can understand why you don't have an Accountant, typically if you are confident with the figures (and this is essential if you run your own business) and sole trader
    However, it can be essential as the company grows and/or becomes Limited and/or VAT registered
    I therefore recommend you start looking for one once your annual turnover exceeds Ł50K
    Typical annual fee should be no more than Ł150 (in this field)

    On the lucky side, I have a relative who performs this for me

    Presumably you have a lawyer or solicitor?

    I spent some time with my local and they found me a good IT lawyer based in Scotland (pretty much essential due to be being based in Scotland)
    We have an agreed tarrif, allowing me to know exactly how much any updates to contracts will cost
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